Welcome to the BACE Timebank

With BACE Timebank, the currency is time, and everyone’s time is equal.

The BACE Timebank is like a local community bank, but we keep track of time. For every hour you spend doing something for someone in your community, you earn one hour to use to have someone do something for you. It is an alternative way to give and receive resources. It’s that simple. Sign up now!


  • April Fool Potluck

    On Wednesday, April 1st, BACE will be hosting an April Fool Potluck at Omni Commons. All BACE...

    Posted 2 months ago

  • Urgent: Programmer Needed to Save BACE!

    Time is running out for the software that runs BACE. On June 16th, 2015, our current software will...

    Posted 4 months ago

  • Bah! Bugs!

    As a few users have brought to our attention, there have been some glitches in the timebank website...

    Posted about 2 years ago

  • How BACE Works; How You Can Help

    BACE Timebank is a democratically run co-operative (co-op). We have an all-volunteer board made up...

    Posted about 2 years ago

  • Timebank Confidential

    It’s another day on Timebank, and the sidebar is humming with activity (note – it’s down now,...

    Posted about 2 years ago

  • Tutorial Video for BACE Timebank

    English: How To Use The BACE Timebank Website from Seth Mazow on Vimeo . Espanol: ...

    Posted about 3 years ago

  • Tips on how to use the Timebank

    Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank The Timebank is a free online directory that covers the...

    Posted about 4 years ago

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