Getting Started

When you create a BACE Time Bank profile, you will be asked some questions to help you identify what your skills you have to offer and what some of your needs may be.

  1. Email address (never made public; used to verify account) Member communications to you are forwarded to this email address and are stored in your Inbox on the Time Bank webmail system.
  2. Name (will be displayed on the website) Please use your real name as we are real people who also get together for potlucks, meetings, events and whatnot. Being real helps us build trust and community.
  3. Offered Services - There is a list of different service areas. Please select ALL of the areas you have some experience in and are willing to offer other members. You can also create additional Categories and Subcategories yourself, if something you need does not already exist, go for it. This directory is a collaborative work in progress.
  4. About You - Let the other members know something about yourself or the skills you bring to the community. Please use this space to mention what city/area you live in, if you have a car and/or are willing to give rides; describe any specific services you're willing to offer; highlight any needs you may have; and any other info you think is important for other members to know.


You do not have to 'earn' credit hours (CH) before posting a request or taking someone up on an offer. Spending hours (aka "time dollars, known to us as Credit Hours or "CHs") that you don't have is OKAY! We operate on a community system of trust, an integral part of time banking. New members are allowed to have a CH debt of up to 25. If you have or anticipate a need for a larger "credit limit", please contact an administrator to discuss your particular situation.

Members offering a group activity of any sort abide by the statute that they receive one CH for every hour they work. If they teach an hour long class to ten people however, each one of the students will pay one CH for receiving the lesson. This means the the students pay 10 CHs and the teacher receives 1 CH. So, where do the surplus 9 CHs go? They are deposited into the BACE Time Bank Community Chest, and are used for community projects proposed by Members. Teaching is not only a great way to share your knowledge, it helps strengthen the time bank and our community even more!

Like any job, being a time banker comes with responsibility to the community. Members may be removed for many of the same reasons one would be dismissed from a traditional job. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Lack of participation
    If a member has had 0 transactions within 6 months they will be contacted by the Time Bank. If they are reachable, their offers and requests will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary.
    If the member is unreachable after 1 email attempt, and 2 phone attempts, the member will be deactivated and their offers and requests removed.
  2. Violence, harassment or other disrespectful interactions
    We rely on YOU to report any inappropriate behavior, be it directed at you or observed by you. Any infraction may result in de-activation of account.
  3. Fraud, misuse or abuse
    Will not be tolerated and the member will be removed.
  4. Not responding to communications
    If you do not hear get a response from another member, contact the Time Bank Planning Committee at After 2 complaints of non responsiveness, a member will be contacted and may be de-activated.

Currently membership in BACE Time Bank costs no US federal reserve notes (dollars), the only requirement being attendance of a one hour orientation, online or in person. Other timebanks have added a system of collecting national money from Members to maintain a healthy timebank, administration for offline users (elderly), etc. The BACE Time Bank Planning Committee has not moved on setting any US$ fees, and would like to keep it that way, as long as our server costs remain donated.

Often, providing a service requires the use of a vehicle or incurs other expenses, such as cleaning products or tools. If fulfilling a request requires more than 10 miles of driving, recipients should include drive time in their calculations. Gas mileage of various vehicles may vary, but $.50/mile is a reasonable rate. These are guidelines rather than rules; individual cases should be discussed and reimbursement policy agreed upon beforehand.

Member Rights & Responsibilities:

Every member of BACE Timebank has the right:

Every member of BACE Timebank has the responsibility:

General Policies

Liability: BACE Time Bank refers members who state that they are able to perform services. BACE Time Bank cannot guarantee the performance of anyone who is referred, nor will BACE Time Bank or its volunteer staff or members be held responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property experienced while involved with the transaction.

Limitations: No service is guaranteed, and there may be situations when the service provided does not meet the expectations of the receiver. Wherever possible, appreciation of another's best efforts is part of what makes the Time Bank work. Additionally, all problems should be brought to the attention of the Time Bank Planning Committee,

All members must protect the privacy and confidentiality of other members. Membership can be terminated for violating this rule. The only exception for sharing information is when a member feels that the health and/or safety of another member is in danger. Please communicate these concerns to a Coordinator immediately.


-Make sure the other person understands what you are going to do before you start doing it.
- If you are requesting a service, be sure to pay for any parts,
supplies, ingredients, or materials that are used. You will want to make this part of your original agreement.
- Contact the other member in advance if you must cancel.
- Be patient and open.
- Respect others' religions, beliefs, political viewpoints and lifestyles.
- If renting, check with landlord before doing home repairs.
- If using your personal car to transport a member, have liability
insurance and wear seat belts.
- Dial 911 in the event of an emergency.
- Contact a Coordinator if your transaction does not meet your
expectations or to give feedback.


-Do not provide "hands-on" care that is beyond your training or
expertise such as giving medicine, baths, lifting, or cutting nails.
-Do not ask for or accept tips.
-Do not smoke in a member's home without permission.
-Do not use alcohol or illegal drugs while performing services.
-Do not purchase alcohol or cigarettes for members.

* Under circumstances where the exchange involves services such as transportation, childcare, eldercare, plumbing, etc., it is the responsibility of the requestor to ascertain the competency of the server to the extent that meets the user's level of comfort.

Earning Hours:
One hour of service always earns one Credit Hour, and one Credit Hour is always exchangeable for one hour of service. For fractions of Credit Hours, round up to the nearest quarter hour. Credit Hours are not redeemable for cash.

Disputes, complaints, misunderstandings and questions should be directed to, or a Mediator of your choice.


  1. Please be very conscientious of your transactions and communication. Friendliness, honesty and generosity help foster the kind of community we hope to create together. Your word is everything. Honor it. Trust before suspicion.
  2. As a community-run system, members are encouraged to help develop and maintain Bay Area Community Exchange. Invite others to join the timebank so we will have more abundant resources from which the community can draw upon. If you have ideas or comments please share them with the community in the forums or contact us at to get involved. Our goal is to create a positive environment for community building and exchange. Be part of it!

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